Our story begins with the land. A heritage is forged between the earth and its people.
It is a journey carrying secrets and mysteries, spanning continents and transcending time.
The indigenous peoples of Costa Rica created jade amulets to hold their memories and history.
Similarly, our materials tell a story, over time, developing a distinct patina,
a visual narrative etched by the experiences of your personal journey.

This is our Heirloom Culture, an enduring testament to ageless craftsmanship, cherished traditions, and timeless beauty.


We work in Costa Rica because our choice of materials of leather and wood, are regenerative and carbon neutral, and the energy employed throughout the creation process, from design to packaging is the renewable. Our design philosophy is facilitated by the country’s commitment to renewable energy, sustainable forestry, and a carbon-neutral, waste-free cattle industry. By manufacturing at the source and harnessing artisan craftsmanship, we endeavor to reduce our environmental footprint while making a positive impact on our community.

Character is woven in our DNA, telling the tale of an extraordinary journey, containing our history
Thus, shaping our future, for where we have ventured tells who we are…

Nomadic Collector is a reflection of my life as a modern nomad, a life of globetrotting wisdom, coupled with studies in art and design. As a child I was surrounded by ancestral legacy, and it was the steamer trunks adorned with rail stamps and hotel logos that inspired my life on the road. At the age of four, I started my own travel memento collection by snatching a Pan Am ashtray from JFK’s Worldport lounge.

The brand, with a deep-rooted connection to the transformative power of travel, emerged from a commitment to honoring remarkable journeys and designing for extraordinary adventures. Each Nomadic Collector style draws inspiration from a luggage set I personally designed during my teenage years after countless summers of European rail travel, and is meticulously crafted by Costa Rican artisans, just like the original, which reflected my desire for exploration.

Stefani Mitchell De La O