All wood is locally sourced from renewable sources and managed forests.


Natural and Naranjo are tanned using vegetable extracts from quebracho and mimosa. The Negro has the same tanning base with additional organic dyes, giving it a beautiful uniformity in its final color. All leathers are finished with a plant-based urethane that provides a unique shine and texture


The Argentino leather undergoes a high-friction process to achieve this finish with its characteristic cloth-like appearance.


I inherited gold safety pins from my grandfather. Al though originally tie bars, I have always used them for hanging jewels and charms on bags or coats. Inspired by this, we have designed pins with a clasp, per fect for hanging small treasures.


Our custom font inspired by the lines of Miami modern deco architecture.

by artist MIMIAMI HSU

our signature leathers and woods have inherent variance. 
no two items will be alike.
those pictured here are accurate representations.