High Impact Art

The Weekend Travel Arsenal for two

Donne & Rapaz

two personal items

Lear, Robe &Vauxhall

three luggage pieces

Each piece in this collection was thoughtfully engineered over months, based on a lifetime of travel
experience.Only 1,000 of each of the bags, for a collection total of 5,000, will be handcrafted by skilled
artisans upon minting of the NFT. Upon the end of production, patterns will be archived, never to be
manufactured in this manner again.

Each piece has a different combination of patches, telling a story in each series, within the collection.
This storyline will carry through the entire series, to be purchased individually or as a cohesive set.

Series are numbered – 1 of 1000 through 1000 of 1000, in each design

$4,000 per piece

$18,000 for the 5 piece set

Digital: NFT three-dimensional art and skins

Physical: Digital canvas – personalized diary – physical representation of the NFT

Privileges: Exclusive experiences for collectors focused on travel & art

Foundation: 10% your purchase is diverted to a non profit fund on the blockchain

High Impact Art – a foundation created from your desire of travel & luxury, because the love of
beautiful places demands participation in their protection.

Your investment will promote work that takes action and seeks justice for the environment. using
art to educate, amplify, and contribute to the protection of our planet. By supporting them, we
hope to foster a regenerative future that sustains everyone, everywhere.


      Leather:  Natural and Black. two finishes of vegetable tanned chromium free leathers. 

Metal Zippers and Hardware: available in gold and nickel.

Zipper Color: tape will come in a variety of shades – colors finalized 8/30

Patch Collections

  • Flora & Fauna – 150 pieces, 75 Natural & 75 Black
  • Sports & Leisure – 150 pieces, 75 Natural & 75 Black
  • Earthly Places – 150 pieces, 75 Natural & 75 Black
  • Space, UFO’s & Aliens – 150 pieces, 75 Natural & 75 Black
  • Weed, LSD & Paraphernalia – 111 pieces, 60 Natural & 51 Black
  • Vices – 111 pieces, 51 Natural & 60 Black
  • The Occult – 110 pieces, 50 Natural & 60 Black
  • Love – 68 pieces, 34 Natural & 34 Black




Set of two cases
The Pom with clip allows you to attach it to anything and holds, a key, a card and one additional small necessity.
The Vanity comes with an adjustable and removable strap, interior side sleeve pockets and inner removable tray that can be used on a nightstand or vanity to hold your jewels and trinkets.

Then of course its also just a great bag, for a quick picnic or to carry the camera while seeing the sites

Measurements in centimeters; length x height x width
● Total – 20 x 18 x 14
● Inner tray – 23 x .5 x 16
● Pom – 10 diameter
● Strap : 100 x 3



Clutch it all .. in ultra soft tumbled leather, with magnetic closure and loops to act as handles or straps to hug your bag.

Contains three pochettes to organize and safeguard your personals, then carry separately as needed.

Measurements in centimeters; length x height x width

● Total – 52 x 30 x 15
● Pochettes
● Small 15 x 12 x 6
● Medium 20 x 16 x 8
● Large 25 x 20 x 10



The bag that inspired the collection. Stefani De La O’s remake of the doctor frame bag treasured by a most elegant friend.
This remake uses leather and magnets to replace the metal frame and hinges. Interior has pockets for phone and wallet, key clip and a hidden sleeve to safeguard a gentleman’s valuables.

Measurements in centimeters; length x height x width
● Total- 46 x 34 x 26
● Handle drop – 10



The garment 2-Hanger carrier. With adjustable shoulder strap and two internal zip pockets for more versatile use.

Measurements in centimeters; length x height x width 
● Folded – 60 x 60 x 20
● Open: -120 x 60 x 9
● Strap – 100 x 5 x 3



Inspired by the worlds first sports cars, this case was engineered to occupy the back bench of your convertible. Its versatility means. It also makes it snugly into the overhead in seat 1A, with enough space for a weekends attire with two detachable internal amenity cases.

Measurements in centimeters; length x height x width
● Total – 60 x 30 x 30
● Strap – 100 x .5 x 3